Make Your Teacher Evaluations Simple And Effective!

The Coach One Evaluation system gives your District and Schools flexible tools to evaluate and coach educational staff while improving student academic growth. Try it for yourself!

Teacher Classroom Observation

Quick and easy to follow!

Professional Development Outcome Appraisal

Track and guide teacher progress!

Fair Evaluation

A combination of real time feedback and four evaluation criteria help to produce an accurate but fair evaluation for each individual staff member.


Coach One is flexible enough to meet the needs of Districts and Schools everywhere.


DOE approved, the Coach One Evaluation System is based on in depth research and uses analytical and quantitative approaches to formulate the best evaluation score possible.

State Performance Evaluation

Fully compliant with State Laws and requirements!


Coaching and feedback tools can be used to help keep educators on track and open up lines of communication throughout the entire evaluation process.

Parent Survey

Integrated parent feedback tools!